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What is triathlon?
  • Triathlon is the combined event of swimming, cycling and running. There are now quite a few different event formats, so whatever your preference you'll probably be able to find events to suit you. The standard events are generally a pool swim (or outdoor swim in rivers, lakes and the sea during the summer), followed by a road ride and then a run. The most common event distances are Super Sprint (400m - 10k - 2.5k), Sprint (750m - 20k - 5k), Olympic (1500m - 40k - 10k) and Iron (3800m - 190k - 42k).

How fit do I need to be to join?
  • A level of fitness helps but it isn't essential to join. After all, any activity is faster than sitting on the sofa!

What if I can't swim?
  • We hear lots of people saying I'd love to take up triathlon but I can't swim. Swimming efficiently is definitely a skill, but it is possible to master it with practice and a bit of guidance. Our Wednesday technique session is a great starting point for those who feel they can't swim. However, if you unable to swim at all, it's a great skill to have generally so we'd recommend you speak to a qualified (and experienced) instructor to get you started. But if you really don't like getting wet, there is the equally challenging sister sport of duathlon (run - bike - run


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Do I need a road bike?
  • You just need a bike to take part in triathlon. If you have a mountain bike or hybrid, it will just be a slightly harder effort! Off-road triathlon events are also available if you like the idea of racing on your mountain-bike.


How can I join?
  • We're always happy to hear from potential members and we'd love to get to know you/share our sport with you. Have a look at the Join Us page to find out more about coming along for a free trial session or just email us at


Can you recommend any other websites?
  • There are lots of sites about the sport from British Triathlon and Triathlon England through to forum sites like and, as well as magazines such as Triathlon Plus and 220 Triathlon. But don't forget: reading about it is great, taking part is even better!

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